Jamie Bykov-Brett

Intersectional Innovation

Building A Kinder, More Inclusive, Digitally Enabled Future.

Jamie Bykov-Brett

Expert & Educator


💡 Workshop Facilitator

Experienced workshop facilitator who uses a dynamic approach to make your workshops fun, informative, and impactful.

Spatial Selfie

🕶️ Metaverse Advisor

Advising organisations on how to plan and implement a metaverse strategy, using proven methodologies, design frameworks and best practices.


⚖️ Economic Justice Campaigner

Campaigning to ensure that everyone can participate equitably in a digital world including disabled people, young people and marginalised communities.

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Jamie is a Social Entrepreneur, Workshop Facilitator, Metaverse Advisor and Digital Economic Justice Campaigner.

His passion is designing, developing and delivering meaningful interventions that also have a social impact.

Jamie's greatest strength comes from his ability to move between diverse spheres or fields and disciplines and look for fundamental connections between them in order to gain a unique perspective.

His method for cultivating meaningful interventions comes from an in-depth understanding of the interconnected relationship of the elements that ensure impactful interactions takes place.




Driven to reach the highest standards to ensure quality experiences.




Actions and words are congruent with beliefs and values.




The ongoing success of your participants is at the heart the design.




Equitable opportunities for all genders, ethnicities, sexualities, neuro-abilities, bodily abilities, religious beliefs & backgrounds.




Essential access to expertise and resources.



Immerse participants through curious investigation.


Novel and innovative approaches to ensure energetic participation.



Relatable content that meets participants where they are at and engages them on an emotional level.