Jamie Bykov-Brett

Intersectional Innovation

Supporting organisations & businesses who want to leverage the emerging technologies. 

Jamie Bykov-Brett



Tailored Workshops

Designing and leading interactive learning experiences that help individuals and organisations understand and effectively utilise emerging technologies. This may involve facilitating a wide range of sessions, including workshops, training courses, webinars, talks, meetings, and panels, on topics related to these technologies.

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Metaverse Consulting

Providing guidance and expertise on the development and use of Metaverse, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies. Advising organisations on how to plan and implement a Web3/Metaverse strategy, using proven methodologies, design frameworks and best practices.

Professional Landscape


I work with organisations, businesses & team leaders who are trying to leverage the potential of their organisations but are facing some challenges.

Typically, these are things like:

♦ Struggling to understand, implement or utilise emerging technologies like the Web3, AI & The Metaverse.
♦ Suffering from a deficit of essential knowledge, skills or attitudes in their organisation required to thrive in a digital economy.
♦ Frustrated that can't find a balance between innovation and sustainability in their business operations and strategies.

If any of these sound familiar or your organisation is facing other challenges, I'd like to learn how I'm able to support an organisation like yours.




Driven to reach the highest standards to ensure quality experiences.




Actions and words are congruent with beliefs and values.




The ongoing success of your participants is at the heart the design.




Equitable opportunities for all genders, ethnicities, sexualities, neuro-abilities, bodily abilities, religious beliefs & backgrounds.